Fungi textile

GLÜCK is committed to pioneering in the realm of fashion by thoughtfully integrating sustainable biologically-derived materials into our collections. Our innovation is not just in utilizing these materials for high-fashion showcases but in making them integral to our ready-to-wear lines.

At our recent couture show during Berlin Fashion Week, we unveiled a dress crafted from mushroom leather from Mylea®. The creation of this eco-leather is environmentally harmless and 100% eco-friendly. One of our co-founders is a biotechnologist by training, with a focus on these materials, underpinning our brand with genuine expertise in the field of sustainable textiles.

At GLÜCK, we are committed to sustainability and reducing global waste. Our collections are crafted primarily from deadstock materials, utilizing fabrics that would otherwise be discarded.

Our production takes place either in our Berlin studio or through cooperative partnerships in Ukraine, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and ethical practices.

To further minimize waste, our items are produced in small quantities or made-to-order, tailored to meet our clients' needs without excess production.

We also take pride in our premium packaging, which is made entirely from recycled paper, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.