If you're tired of meeting others' expectations and feel the urge to slap public taste in the face — GLÜCKwunsch!

GLÜCK will lift the curtain and lead you to the coolest parties in the city. Here, insanity is expected; young punks and seasoned drag queens strut down the red carpet, while the air is thick with a heady cocktail of sexuality and freedom.

This lyric says it all: "Alcoholic kind of mood / Lose my clothes, lose my lube." Underneath GLÜCK clothing, you might find an amazing night of neon-flashing sex or a cozy evening playing board games with friends.

The sexual revolution has already happened, and we make sure to remind you of it.

some milestones

Nightlife Inspired Tees


Debut of Egor Bashtovenko's 'Ukrainian techno soul' T-shirt line, popular at festivals and with friends.

Ukrainian Fashion Week


Egor Bashtovenko advanced in fashion via a course, leading to participation in Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Launch of Non-Binary Collection


Introduction of a gender-neutral skirt collection, making waves in Kyiv’s fashion scene

Berlin Charity Catwalk


Egor's designs featured in Berlin, raising funds for Ukraine with a catwalk and silent auction

GLÜCK's New Chapter


GLÜCK officially launches in Berlin, expanding its team and vision

Berlin Fashion Week


GLÜCK's innovative show at Berlin Fashion Week 2024, gaining international acclaim.

Our international spotlight shone brighter at the Berlin Fashion Week in 2024, where GLÜCK presented a bold new collection. Under the direction of Egor Bashtovenko, the show featured an array of diverse models and was praised for its innovative choreography, and dynamic music and lighting settings. This participation not only reaffirmed our place in the global fashion arena but also attracted attention from major international buyers and media.

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In a groundbreaking shift, GLÜCK's collection, "Four Elements", marks a significant turning point for the brand. Originally debuted at the Berlin Fashion Week in 2024, this line transitions from our roots in clubwear to more sophisticated attire suitable for cocktail events. Drawing direct inspiration from our haute couture pieces, the "Four Elements" collection uses identical materials and motifs, seamlessly blending high fashion with accessibility. A highlight of this collection is the innovative ready-to-wear top crafted from mushroom-based materials, aligning with our commitment to pioneering sustainable fabrics in the fashion industry.